Roan offers comprehensive, intersectional sexuality education to teens and adults of all ages. Their services include:



Roan offers a wide variety of workshops to schools, universities, organizations, agencies, businesses, shelters, and various community groups, in which you can:

  • Explore your unique relationship with your body and how this affects your relationships, sex life, and overall well-being. Learn to fall in love with your body in a world that often teaches us not to.

  • Gain insight into the messages and beliefs you’ve internalized about your sexuality. Identify the ways in which racism, transphobia, sexism, ableism, and other forms of oppression are linked to the cultural repression of sexuality, and how sexual shaming and sexual violence can strengthen these systems of oppression by keeping us disconnected from our bodies.

  • Understand the ways in which rape culture permeates our society and harms each and every person within it—and the steps we can take to change it. Experience the ways in which a culture of sex positivity—where we are empowered to say both yes and no—can radically enhance both individual and collective well-being.

  • Practice tangible skills for improving your personal relationship with your desires. Learn how to counter the effects of harmful social messages to enhance your self-esteem and empowerment in the world.

  • Understand your patterns of connection and learn how to improve communication in your intimate relationships. Learn how to lovingly hold your boundaries and practice living into values of enthusiastic consent.



Lectures can be designed specifically for the needs of your college, university, group, or organization. Past lectures include topics such as enthusiastic consent, holding healthy boundaries, effective communication, and living into our desires.


trainings and courses

Dive deeper into your journey with 6-12 week intensives, where you’ll go from basics to advanced topics of how to embody a healthy sexuality.  


personal coaching

Receive 1:1 guidance as you explore your own sexual history and improve your relationship with your body and desires. Learn to work with and through past traumas and societal harms to become more empowered in your sexuality. For more information, see their coaching page.



Through all of their services, Roan provides an open, validating, and non-judgemental space where folks of all backgrounds can dig deeper into sex and sexuality. Each of these services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your group. Past topics have included:


  • Beyond Rape Culture: Creating a Culture of “Yes!”

  • Desirability Politics: How Society Shapes Our Attractions

  • Sex, Desire, and the Revolution: Why Sexual Liberation is Necessary for our Movements

  • Queering Constellations: Radicalizing our Concept of “Family”

  • Transforming our Relationship with our Sweeties’ Other Sweeties (**Navigating Polyamory series)

  • Solo Polyamory: Being your own primary partner (**Navigating Polyamory series)

  • Radicalizing our Friendships and Non-Sexual Relationships

  • 50 Shades of What Now? Clarifying What BDSM Is & Isn't

  • BDSM vs. Intimate Partner Violence: Knowing the Difference for Good Consensual Fun

  • Liberating Sex: Finding Healing Through Our Desires

  • Empowering Our Relationships: Sexual Self-Esteem

  • Empowering Our Relationships, Part II: Learning to Communicate

  • Empowering Our Relationships, Part III: The Basics of Consent

  • Between You and Me: Knowing, Naming, and Respecting Boundaries for Better Sex and Relationships

  • SexyTalk: Negotiating Sexytime

  • What is Codependency? Unpacking How We’re Taught to do Relationships

  • Retelling Our Sexual Narratives

  • Navigating Triggers and Trauma

  • What if it's Toxic? Identifying and Preventing Abuse in Relationships



To book a service, inquire about rates, or find out more about tailoring a service to meet your needs, contact Roan.