If you're looking to organize a conference, put together an event, develop a training, or improve a curriculum, Roan has a wide range of expertise to help you create the best possible end product. From event planning and program management to individual consulting, Roan works closely with their clients to map out an optimal strategy for success.


Roan specializes in creating programming that takes into account the social dynamics of power and privilege. They are available for individual consulting around issues of diversity and how to build events that are affirming of—and center—folks who are often marginalized.


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programming experience:


co-Producer of the annual Sex Down South conference

Since the inception of the annual Sex Down South Conference in 2015, Roan has envisioned and implemented a Healing Space staffed by local healers; organized trans- and queer-specific programming to ensure the centering of marginalized voices; developed guiding principles to create a culture of liberation and healing at the conference; and coordinated an on-call Safety Team to ensure attendees have an affirming and fulfilling experience. They also coordinate the schedule of events and recruit dozens of high-quality presenters and performers from across the country.



Host Committee Member of Facing Race: A Conference by Race Forward

Facing Race is the largest multiracial, inter-generational gathering for organizers, educators, creatives and other leaders. In 2016, Roan assisted with planning and organizing the conference in Atlanta, GA.



ORganizer of the southern fried queer pride festival

Southern Fried Queer Pride is an alternative queer and trans Pride festival in Atlanta, GA, celebrating the robust and vivid Southern queer community. From 2015-2016, Roan worked with a team of artists and activists to make the event accessible, affirming, and a whole lot of fun.



Co-Founder and Lead Organizer of the Sexual Liberation Collective

The Sexual Liberation Collective is an intentional collaboration of folks who provide education and healing to communities through workshops, skillshares, and healing circles. Roan co-founded the collective in 2013 and continues to organize meetings, acquire facilitation gigs, and further the educational mission of the collective.






advisory board member of project affirm

AFFIRM is a study that aims to learn more about the identity development, health, and resilience of people who identify as transgender, transsexual, or gender non-conforming. As an advisory board member, Roan uses their expertise to shape the scope and nature of the study and ensure its adherence to its values.



Co-Founder of the Transgender Advocates of the Capital Region

Roan formed and led this advocacy group in Albany, NY in 2012. During their time, they organized safe space events for the trans* community, provided education to local organizations, and organized multiple advocacy events for trans* rights. 




Program Coordinator and Curriculum Developer at Walden Behavioral Care

Roan served as the Coordinator of Outpatient Programs at Walden Behavioral Care from 2006-2009. Roan developed and launched two treatment programs within 6 months, revised and developed group curricula, provided outreach and education to local schools and communities, coordinated client care, and supervised interns and mental health counseling staff.